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Tauri -
Tauri is a versatile framework designed to create compact and exceptionally swift executables compatible with major desktop platforms. Developers have the flexibility to incorporate any front-end framework that compiles into HTML, JS, and CSS to construct their user interfaces. - [Link Details]
Strava -
Strava is a social fitness platform that allows athletes to track and share their activities, connect with other users, and join challenges. It's popular among runners, cyclists, and various outdoor enthusiasts. - [Link Details]
Little Snitch
Little Snitch -
Little Snitch is a firewall application that monitors and controls outgoing network traffic on a Mac, providing users with control over their privacy and security. - [Link Details]
Foldit -
Foldit is an online puzzle video game that allows players to contribute to scientific research by solving complex protein-folding problems, helping scientists understand the structures of proteins and advance medical research. - [Link Details]
Periodic Videos
Periodic Videos -
Periodic Videos is a project created by the University of Nottingham, offering engaging and informative videos about every element in the periodic table, providing insights into their properties and uses. - [Link Details]
TasteDive -
Discover new books, movies, music, and more based on your preferences. - [Link Details]
Drawspace -
Learn to draw through structured lessons and tutorials for artists of all levels. - [Link Details]
Zen Habits
Zen Habits -
A blog offering practical advice on mindfulness, simplicity, and living a more intentional and meaningful life. - [Link Details]
Product Hunt
Product Hunt -
Product Hunt curates the finest new products daily, providing a platform to explore the most recent and noteworthy mobile apps, websites, and technological innovations that are making waves in discussions across the digital landscape. - [Link Details]
TotalEnergies -
TotalEnergies is a global energy company committed to providing sustainable solutions across the entire energy value chain. Through innovative technologies and a diverse portfolio, TotalEnergies strives to meet the world's evolving energy needs while prioritizing environmental responsibility… - [Link Details]
Y Combinator
Y Combinator -
Y Combinator has pioneered a novel approach to funding early-stage startups, committing investments to a substantial number of ventures biannually. - [Link Details]
Jetking -
Jetking stands as India's leading IT training institute, providing a range of courses encompassing Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, as well as Gaming and Metaverse Design. - [Link Details]
Live Clean
Live Clean -
Discover the premier natural personal care brand in Canada at Live Clean – your ultimate destination for a wide range of beauty and personal care essentials. - [Link Details]
Digital Cover
Digital Cover -
At Digital Cover, we specialize in constructing and overseeing cutting-edge websites that are both efficient and creatively impactful. Our focus is on optimizing these digital platforms through strategic SEO implementation and conversion-oriented strategies. - [Link Details]
Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE
Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE -
Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE stands as the foremost B2B Portal and Business Directory in the United Arab Emirates, serving as a pivotal platform for suppliers and buyers to meet their product and service needs. - [Link Details]